Samsung 720T User Manual


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1. Samsung 720T User Manual

mm mmm a 8 c i By SyncMaster 20B 720T 920T _ pee T nmn r B i ml d E i b Ia F Er T S i everyone s invitedm n fa ES Aa iniroduction Sedup Adjusting Your Moe amp or Trewkleahactieg Speciitaices E Information Holabonal Pear Iretallation Can Others Please read the following safety instructions as they are designed to prevent damage to property and harm to the user EB warning Caution a Failure to follow directions noted by this symbol could result in bodily harm or damage to X equipment E notational Conventions Prohibited Important to read and understand at all times Do not disassemble eo AG Disconnect the plug from t

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SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS www samsung com ca Printed in China Code No GH68 28534G America B 06 2010 Rev 1 1 Mono Headset OreilQette mono HM3200 Bluetooth English 1 Frangais 25 Contents Getting started Your headset overview Button functions Charging the headset Wearing the headset Using your headset Turning the headset on or off Pairing and connecting the headset Pairing via the Active pairing feature Using call functions Appendix Frequently asked questions Certification and Safety approvals UL certified travel adapter Warranty and parts replacement Specifications 3 4 5 8 10 10 14 15 19 21 22 23 24 1 English Read this user manual before you
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TAI 10 8 IND TUJ EAS Washing Machine User manual Imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product Content Safety information What you need to know about the safety 5 5 2 Japerseccinidz aey MDO TC 3 Important safety precautions 4 Installation 13 Ce e PEE E E EEA eee UE ae EEEN EEE had E EEEE T E 13 Installation requirements 2 RR RI RR hrs 14 Step by step installation ics RR RR 16 Gee eee are 20 v COVE Pr sees be lms coed ont Loe bee oes be Sees Gade eee 20 Before you start 2 s e 3 sens
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SGH E258 Cr H
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SAMUNG LASER MFP Laser MFP USB USB Samsung SmarThru SmarThru FJ SmarThru
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Specifications CLP 600 CLP 600N CLP 650 CLP 650N Print Speed B W Up to 20 ppm in A4 21 ppm in Letter Speed Colour Up to 20 ppm in A4 21 ppm in Letter Resolution Up to 2 400 X 600 dpi effective output First Print Out Time B W 20 seconds 16 seconds First Print Out Time Oolour 20 seconds 16 seconds Controller Processor MIPS 250 MHz MIPS 600 MHz Memory 32 MB Max 32 MB 256 MB Max 512 MB Emulation SPL C Samsung Printer Language Colour PostScript 3 PCL 6 GDI Interface USB 2 0 USB 2 0 IEEE1284 USB 2 0 IEEE1284 USB 2 0 Ethernet 10 100 BaseTX Ethernet 10 100 BaseTX Font 45 scalable and 1 bitmap PCL and 136 PS Colour Profile ICC Technology OS Oompatibility Windows

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