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1. User`s Manual

Haier TFT LCD TV OWNER S MANUAL MODEL S HLH26ATBB HLH32ATBB HLH266BB HLH326BB Please READ this manual carefully before operating your TV andretain itfor future reference HIGH DEFINITION MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE Warning WARNING RISK ELECTRIC SHOOK DIOR ONEO H WARNING To reducethe risk of electric shock do not remove cover or back No user serviceable parts inside refer service to qualified service personnel oafety of operators has been taken into consideration at the design and manufacture phase but inappropriate operation may cause electric shock or fire To prevent the product from being damaged the following rules should be observed for the installation use and maintenance of th product Read the following safety

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BIXOLON User s Manual SRP 350IIOBE Thermal Printer Rev 1 01 http www bixolon com SRP 350lIOBE ll Safety Precautions In using the present appliance please keep the following safety regulations in order to prevent any hazard or material damage WARNING Violating following instructions can cause serious injury or death Do not plug several products in one multi outlet You must use only the supplied adapter This can provoke over heating and a fire e It is dangerous to use other adapters e If the plug is wet or dirty dry or wipe it before usage e If the plug does not fit perfectly with the outlet do not plug in Be sure to use only standardized multi outlets ONLY SUPPLIED ADAPTER NN PROHIBITED PROHIBITED Do not pull the ca
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loLogik R2140 User s Manual First Edition January 2007 www moxa com product Moxa Technologies Co Ltd Tel 4886 2 8919 1230 Fax 886 2 8919 1231 Web www moxa com MOXA Technical Support Worldwide support moxa com loLogik R2140 User s Manual The software described in this manual is furnished under a license agreement and may be used only in accordance with the terms of that agreement Copyright Notice Copyright 2007 MOXA Technologies Co Ltd All rights reserved Reproduction without permission 1s prohibited Trademarks MOXA ss a registered trademark of the MOXA Group All other trademarks or registered marks in this manual belong to their respective manufacturers Disclaimer Information in this document is subject to cha
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Shot Mapper User s Manual Copyright 2005 New Generation Video All Rights Reserved Printed in the United States of America Characteristics and specifications mentioned in this document are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed by New Generation Video except as noted in the warranty and the License Agreement ShotMapper Patent Pending The risk of determining the suitability for a particular use and of using the ShotMapper hardware software and documentation rests entirely with the user In particular the accuracy of GPS positions is not warranted Accuracy is entirely determined by the Global Positioning System and your GPS receiver The encoding and decoding performed by ShotMapper is not warranted to be error free ShotMapper i
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www CarMbD com USER S HELP MANUAL Software Version 3 0 5 USER S HELP MANUAL CarMD User s Help Manual Table of Contents e About This Manual eeem nnnm nnne nenne eneenn nnn nnns nnns nsns eere rares n inan asas gn 1 Salety EG lior RR P 1 e CarMData Glance eR mme nemen nnnernmRnn nns nnne r rn rn nas r rsen erre nass s eser ranas s seran naa 2 e Using CarMD it s Easy o Make Sure to Have Your Vehicle s VIN eeeeennm nnne 2 o STEP f Connect the CarMD Device to Your Vehicle eeeen mn 3 oJ Ze TUM OTTO TOON MEMET 3 o STEP 3 Connect CarMD into Your Computer amp Get Your Report s
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Keysight InfiniiVision 4000 X Series Oscilloscopes User s Guide KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES Notices Keysight Technologies Inc 2005 2014 No part of this manual may be reproduced in any form or by any means including elec tronic storage and retrieval or translation into a foreign language without prior agreement and written consent from Keysight Technolo gies Inc as governed by United States and international copyright laws Manual Part Number 54709 97037 Edition Fourth edition November 2014 Printed in Malaysia Published by Keysight Technologies Inc 1900 Garden of the Gods Road Colorado Springs CO 80907 USA Print History 54709 97000 October 2012 54709 97014 February 2013 54709 97026 September 2013 54709 97037 Novembe

Acromag hk THE LEADER IN INDUSTRIAL 1 0 XVME 6300 6U VME Intel i7 Core Processor Board USER S MANUAL ACROMAG INCORPORATED Tel 248 295 0310 30765 South Wixom Road Fax 248 624 9234 Wixom MI 48393 7037 U S A Email sales acromag com Copyright 2012 Acromag Inc Printed in the USA Data and specifications are subject to change without notice 8500 981 D Trademark Information Brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners Intel and Core i7 are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation Windows and Windows 70 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the US and in other countries Copyright Information This document is copyrighted by Xembedded LLC Xembedded and shall not be repr
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USER S MANUAL BUCKET FAN SERIES BUCKET FAN WHISPER SERIES Bucket Fan 420 Bucket Fan 1055 Bucket Fan 1460 Bucket Fan Whisper 420 Bucket Fan Whisper 1055 Bucket Fan Whisper 1460 gt VENTS O VENTS Bucket Fan INTRODUCTION 3 Use 3 WHAT S INCLUDED IN THE BOX DESIGNATION KEY EXAMPLE 3 SizE RANGES 3 SAFETY REQUIREMENTS 4 MOUNTING AND INSTALLATION GUIDELINES 5 FAN PARTS 7 MAINTENANCE 8 WiRING THE FAN 8 TROUBLESHOOTING 11 STORAGE 11 WARRANTY 12 MENTS INTRODUCTION This manual will provide you with installation operation and service instructions as well as technical data of the Bucket Fan series and Bucket Fan Whisper series Bucket Fans are use
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IP Indoor IR Bullet Camera with DC 12V PoE ACM 1310 series Ver 081016 Hardware User s Manual Zap www acti com PRECAUTIONS 1 Read these instructions All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the product is operated 2 Heed all warnings All warnings on the product and in the instruction manual should be adhered to The symbol indicates the following items please carefully read the description next to each symbol a Failure to follow the safety instruction given may directly endanger people cause damage to the system or to other equipment b The requirements to make this device work including hardware computer settings network settings and operation procedures c The tips to make using
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siteMETA Manual Table of Contents Site ME TA Manual orre ia A Mahi oa aa 1 A A EAA 3 LL Appl Cag ardissonei i ee a aa A a a aiaei 3 E2 Specifications rissuionioiia na a e toute a a a a a a a a e iah 3 LAR TCS Ke mod le nanne a a a a a a a acess 3 AA AUC UD modules nian en e cna a A EEA a enS 3 1 2 3 Qu ry TAN CUA E RN 4 12 4 Search SCLVICE A E 4 1 3 System requirements sre A RN atone 4 1 4 The principle of Word 4 2 Installation A tuning A E A eer aias 5 DV ATCHIVE SEN on enio te at EEE O 5 2 2 Installation and quick start seeeeseeeseeseesseeseesresseesrtsresssestsressresetsstsssestesstssresesstssresressessresseese 5 2 2 1 Installing under Windows NT 2000 tada in iia 5 2 2 2 Installing under Windows 2003 Serve iia cli de rides ci 5 2 2 3 Installi
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FAX 565 brother d If you need to call Customer Service Please complete the following information for future reference Model Number FAX 565 Serial Number Date of Purchase Place of Purchase The serial number is on the back of the unit Retain this Users Guide with your sales receipt as a permanent record of your purchase in the event of theft fire or warranty service a xy Register your product on line at www registermybrother com By registering your product with Brother International Corporation you will be recorded as the original owner of the product Your registration with Brother E may serve as confirmation of the purchase date of your product should you lose your receipt E may support an insura

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