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1. Electrolux Dishwasher 40250 i User Guide

OKO_FAVORIT 40250 i Dishwasher User Instructions Dear customer Please read these user instruetions earefully Please observe the safety Instruetions on the first few pages ofthese user Instruetions Please keep these user Instruetions for later referenee Pass them on to any subsequent owner of the appllanee The warning triangle and or speelfle words Warning Caution Important are used to highlight Instruetions that are Important for your safety or for the funetlon of the appllanee It Is Imperative that these Instruetions are observed This symbol or numbered Instruetlon steps lead you step by step through the operation of the appllanee Next to this symbol you reeelve additional Information and praetleal tips on using

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user manual 0 Electrolux Oven EHGL5X 4 2 electrolux Electrolux Thinking of you Share more of our thinking at www electrolux com CONTENTS Safety information 2 Product description 4 Before first use 5 Daily use 6 Clock functions 7 Using the accessories 8 Additional functions 9 Helpful hinfs and flps 9 Care and cleaning 18 What to do if 21 Installation 22 Environment concerns 23 Garantie Garanzia Guarantee 23 Subject to change without notice A SAFETY INFORMATION Before the installation and use read this manual carefully For your personal safety and the safety of your property For the respect of the environment For the correct operation of the appliance Always keep these instructions with the ap p
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Gasoline Generators Operator Manual Thank you for purchasing our generator We want to help you get the best results from your new generator and to operate it safely This manual contains the information on how to do that please read it carefully This owner s manual describes the operation and maintenance of the Generator All information in this publication is based on the latest product information available at the time of printing We reserve the right to make changes at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission This manual should be considered a permanent part of the generator and should remain with it even if ownership changes SAFETY
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ID II i l ft g fl II H 0 ij 0 M H Electrolux ICON Designed for the well lived home Automatic Cooking Options Pre programmed settings include five Auto Cook categories five Auto Defrost categories as well as four Microwave Convection options for convenient and easy cooking Auto Sensor Cooking Five Sensor Cook categories and three Sensor One Touch selections allow moisture and humidity to be detected which adjusts the cooking time and power level for various foods and quantities Convection Cooking Hot air is circulated throughout the oven cavity to brown and crisp foods evenly Oven can be programmed for ten convection cooking temperatures from 100 to 450 F Five Speed Ventilation Quick and easy variab
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LAVAMAT TURBO 12830 Washer dryer Instruction Booklet AEG PERFEKT IN FORM UND FUNKTION ffl Electrolux Dear customer Please read these operating instructions carefully and pay particular attention to the safety notes indicated in the first pages We recom mend that you keep this instruction booklet for future reference and pass it on to any future owners t The warning triangle and or the key words Warning Caution empha size information that is particularly important for your safety or correct functioning of the appliance K1T 5 This symbol guides you step by step in the operation of the appliance i The information marked with this symbol provides additional instruc tions and practical tips on the use of the appliance
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Use U Care Guide Built In Double Wall Oven Q Electrolux 3 1 8 2 00 03 8 0501 Rev A 2 Finding Information MAKE A RECORD FOR FUTURE USE Brand_ Purchase Date_ Model Number_ Serial Number_ NOTE See the Features page later in this manuai for the iocation of your product s seriai QUESTIONS For toll free telephone support in the U S and Canada 1 877 4ELECTROLUX 1 877 435 3287 For on line support and internet product information www electrolux com 2004 Electrolux Home Products Inc Post Office Box 212378 Augusta Georgia 30917 USA All rights reserved Printed in the USA Finding infomiation 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Finding Information 2 Make a Record for Future use 2 Questions 2 Safety 4 6 Important Safet
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Electrolux Cold Rooms 10 21 0 8 4 10 m 3 Split unit Electrolux cold rooms are available in a vast range of different sizes and functionalities They are designed to work in tropical temperatures 43 C The range consists of coolers 2 8 C with panels 60 mm in thickness freezer cold rooms 10 21 C with panels 100 mm in thickness and with built in or remote refrigerating unit The three models detailed on this sheet are split unit freezers cold rooms with usable volume of 8 4 to 10 cubic meters Models come with panels gas charged cooling unit and piping CONSTRUCTION Very short assembly time Expert refrigeration knowledge is not required for installation New vacuum injection technology which permits to have significant enhancement o
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Electrolux INSTRUCTION MANUAL 2 Doors Direct Cool Refrigerator WRM2000_A R WRM2800_A R WRM3500 A R Thank you for choosing B3 Electrolux refrigerator Please read this manual before operating your refrigerator It contains valuable information to help you maximize the use of the refrigerator and to obtain total satisfaction for years 2MK 6 P101 156 00 0 Printed 18 Jan 2008 FEATURES WRM2000 A R 12 13 14 WRM2800 A R Freezer Compartment Ice Cube Tray Freezer Shelf Scraper Temperature Control Shelf Crisper Evaporation Tray Adjustable Legs Bottle Guard Bottle Locker Canned Lood Rack Egg Rack Utility Rack 2
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DITD 0 Electrolux Item Model ProjectName T10E The T10E vegetable peelers can be considered basic equipment for vegetable preparation The peeling process is key to guarantee good preservation and high hygiene throughout the food preparation cycle These models are designed for abrasive peeling for different peeling functions the proper plates are available as optional accessories 601792 filter table FEATURES The special abrasive material that covers the removable rotating plate guarantees a high quality finish to the peeled vegetables with little waste Codes 603339 and 603340 also have the abrasive material inside the cylinder The level of noise produced by the units is very low and the peels are reduced to small pieces to facil
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0 Electrolux Gas Drop In Cooktops EW30GC55G S EW30GC55G W EW30GC55G B Min 2 Max Burner Designed with a dual flame sealed burner this cooktop offers the widest range of BTU performance in the industry for the utmost versatility from a roaring 18 000 BTU boil to a gentle 450 BTU simmer Continuous Grates Designed for cooking multiple dishes at varying temperatures on a single cooktop These grates allow easy movement of even the heaviest pots and pans from burner to burner without lifting Flex 2 Fit System Premium gas cooktop versatility with sealed burners Premium performance accessories include a grill griddle an optional wok ring and a simmer plate to use with small cooking utensils 30 GAS DROP IN COOKTOPS Features Deep We
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S Electrolux User Manual Washing Machine We were thinking of you when we made this product electrolux 3 Welcome to the world of Electrolux Thank you for choosing a first class product from Electrolux which hopefully will provide you with lots of pleasure in the future The Electrolux ambition is to offer a wide variety of quality products that make your life more comfortable You find some examples on the cover in this manual Please take a few minutes to study this manual so that you can take advantage of the benefits of your new machine We promise that it will provide a superior User Experience delivering Ease of Mind Good luck 4 contents electrolux Contents Safety information 5 Product description 7 Control panel 8 Use 11 Washin

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