Univex ThinkCentre 1739 user manual


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1. Univex ThinkCentre 1739 user manual

ThinkCentre User Guide Machine Types 1654 1664 1665 1677 1738 1739 1741 1761 1762 1763 1782 1837 1938 1942 1962 and 1966 Note Before using this information and the product it supports be sure to read and understand the Important safety information on page v and Appendix A Notices on page 77 Fourth Edition June 2012 Copyright Lenovo 2011 2012 LIMITED AND RESTRICTED RIGHTS NOTICE If data or software is delivered pursuant a General Services Administration GSA contract use reproduction or disclosure is subject to restrictions set forth in Contract No GS 35F 05925 Contents Important safety information v Service and upgrades v Static electricity prevention v

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IMPORTANT MANUAL Do Not Throw Away Operator s Manual Model No 358 798380 HOURS CST Mon Sat 7 a m 7 p m Sun 10 a m 7 p m A WARNING READ THE OPERATOR S MANUAL AND FOLLOW ALL WARNINGS AND SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS FAILURE TO DO SO CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY I___ Always Wear Eye Protection CRRFTSMflN 12 AMP MOTOR 165 MPH Air Velocity ELECTRIC BLOWER VAC DOUBLE INSULATED Assembly Operation Customer Responsibilities Storage FOR HOUSEHOLD USE ONLY Sears Roebuck and Co Hoffman Estates IL 60179 USA 530 083224 09 29 94 A IMPORTANT WARNINGS amp SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS A WARNING The warnings and safety instructions in this manual must be followed to reduce the risk of fire
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Turn up your viewing experience with Pixel Plus HD Here is a wonderful new TV that not only gives you great picture and sound but also modern styling and quality finish It features Pixel Plus HD for natural vivid images and Incredible Surround for superb audio Vivid natural and razor sharp images HD LCD WXGA display with a 1366 x 768p resolution HD Ready for the highest quality display of HD signals Pixel Plus HD for better details depth and clarity 3D combfilter separates colors for a razor sharp image Exciting and lifelike sound Incredible Surround for enhanced audio enjoyment Slim stylish design to complement your interior Compact and slim design that fits in every room Designed for your convenience 1000 page Hypert
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9S60S00S 8SUD div container main div wrap Timing rendered on www13 us archive org seconds diff sec message stack file line function 0 0000 0 0000 petabox start var cache petabox petabox www sf download php 1 require common ia 66 require_once setup php 383 log 0 0067 0 0067 redis_read start var cache petabox petabox www sf download php 80 main_wrap download php 101 main download php 321
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Personal Computer User Guide for DE7000 series V3 0 2010 05 20 Disposal Instruction US For better protection of our earth please don t throw this electronic device into municipal trash bin when discarding To minimize pollution and ensure utmost protection of the global environment please recycle the product For more information about the collection and recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment WEEE you are invited to visit our homepage at www aopen com under Green Products JH lt gt fg7F mtmMvmxuvmivtzML msh u cweee vimiut u CO T i ffls Awww aopen com CO Green Products amp XI KT5 ID MTimmm gt mmmmm gt isnuifcMft Instruktion til bortskaffelse Danish Af hensyn til v
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Philips Professional LCD TV 26 LCD Pro Idiom 1 26HF5545D S 1 The versatile amp affordable PPV TV HD LCD with SmartPlug amp Pro ldiom Exceptional performance for guests coupled with bottom line savings for you SmartPower saves significantly on energy costs amp Five Star advanced exchange warranty keeps rooms saleable Seamless integration to PPV providers with SmartPlug System ready and future proof HD content protection with Prorldiom Plus Compatible with all major PPV systems New embedded prepaid solutions SmartPlug Xpress amp Serial Xpress Control interfaces Best total cost of ownership Five Star Service two year advanced exchange warranty SmartPower for energy saving Wireless SmartL

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