Lightolier Lytespan Track Lighting System 83MPT user manual

Lightolier Lytespan Track Lighting System 83MPT user manual


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1. Lightolier Lytespan Track Lighting System 83MPT user manual

Page 1 of 1 Lytespan Track Lighting System 83MPT PowerArc M Modular Mounting Bracket 3 25 82 5mm Outside Diameter 2 00 51mm Mounting Centers 3 00 76mm Mounting Centers Ordering Information Catalog No 83MPTWH 83MPTBK Finish Matte White Matte Black Mounting Compatibility Mounts to any flat surface or unistrut PowerArc Modular Track Luminaires 8300WH BK AL 8303WH BK AL 8313WH BK AL 8304WH BK AL 8314WH BK

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I IOHTOI IER Page 1 of 2 Lytespan Track Lighting System 8201WH PAR Tech Low Profile Three Slots on Socket Housing to Accept Optional Shades Ordering Information Catalog No Finishes _ Mounting _ Lamps _ 8201WH Matte White All Lytespan Track Systems R20 75W Max R30 100W Max PARI 6 75W Max T H PAR20 50W Max T H 8201BK Matte Black PAR30 75W Max T H PAR38 75W Max Features 1 Lytespan Attachment Fitting Molded polycarbonate Integral color Fitter tw
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LIOHTOLI1 R _ Lighting Systems CD7 3 Page 1 of 2 Lowprofile Direct Louver 3 Light T8 Per 4 Foot Section Ordering Information Style Type Mounting Length Total Lamps Color Ballast amp Voltage CD7 1 WH 1 Direct Louver 1 Surface 2 Cable 3 Stem 4 Wall 4 4 foot 8 8 foot 3 3 Lamp T8 per fixture 4 fixture 6 6 Lamp T8 per fixture 8 fixture White E81 T8 Electronic 120V E82 T8 Electronic 277V HD1 T8 Electroni
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r INSTALLATION OF CALCULITE A LAMP WALL WASHER DOWNLIGHT REFLECTOR INSTRUCTION SHEET FOR ITEMS V7009 V7010 V7011 W7009 W7010 W7011 INSTRUCTION SHEET NO 1088 READ AND UNDERSTAND THESE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE INSTALLING FIXTURE This fixture is intended for instaiiation in accordance with the National Eiectricai Code and iocai or federal code specifications To prevent eiectricai shock turn off eiectricity at fuse box before proceeding Retain these instructions fo
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Page 1 of 1 Task Lighting ucs Undercabinet Steel Light See Lengths Below 1 1 2 38mm 1 3 4 44mm Ordering Information UCS 1 E Style Lamps Length Wattage Ballast UCS Aluminum 1 Lamp 20 20 15 15W T 8 E Electronic 26 26 17 17W T8 32 32 17 17W T8 38 38 25 25W T8 44 44 25 25W T8 56 56 32 32W T8 1 BK B Voltage Finish Diffuser 1 120V BK Black B Batwing
5. Lightolier Lytespan 6497 user manual

Page 1 of 2 Lytespan Track Lighting System 6497 Framing Projector Accessory Catalog No Description Finish Lamps 6497 Framing Projector Accessory for use with 6298 6299 6415 6416 see Lightolier Specification sheets 6298 and 6415 Matte Black 50W MR 1612V EXZ Narrow Flood Framing Projector Accessory for use with Matte Black 50W EXZ Narrow Flood or 75W EYC 6294 6295 6297 see Lightolier Specification sheets 6294 and 6296 Wide Flood MR 16 1
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ALTER SOFT LIGHTS QVS2GPFOS2FT 2X4ow Page 1 of 2 2 X 2 RECESSED DIRECT INDIRECT FLUORESCENT 2 LAMP TT5 BI TUBE 5 1 2 DEEP MICROPERFORATED MESH LAMP SHIELD STATIC Features Efficiency 58 5 Dual swing down microperforated lamp shields separated by luminous strip for easy relamping and maintenance Alter soft white film on inside of mesh conceals lamp image providing balance between reflected and direct light Fully recessed luminaire and with two sep
7. Lightolier Calculite Evolution Recessed Downlight C6DAIC user manual

Calculite Evolution Recessed Downlight C6DAIC Page 1 of 1 6 Aperture Deep Incandescent 120V 1C AirSeal Frame In Kit 7 6 8 3 4 2 1 Frame In Kit Reflector Trim C6DAIC Open Downlight Open Downlight Adjustable Accent Open Wall Washer Downlight Leased Wall Washer C6AD 100W A19 MB19 100W BT15 200W A21 C6P38D 120WPAR38 C6P38A 90W PAR38 C6AW 100W BT15 MB19 200WA21 C6P38L 90W PAR38 Features 1 Outer Housing Raw aluminum 0 03
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Task Lighting PristineHW Series Page 1 of 2 For Hard Wiring 22 Length 1 Lamp 12 Linear Features Architecturally pleasing rounded slim profile only 3 4 deep Provides median foot candle level of 55 on 2 x 5 desk top Prismatic acrylic spread lens Flush push button switch Easy access wiring compartment for hard wiring Can be hard wired from top or back Electronic program start lt 10 THD ballast Lamp T2 13W CRI 80 color tempera
9. Lightolier GUARDSMAN GVB SERIES 1X4 user manual

GUARDSMAN GVB SERIES 1X4 Page 1 of 2 VANDAL RESISTANT 1x4 SURFACE BOX FLUORESCENT 1 OR 2 LAMP T8 Features Excellent for locations where vandal resistance is required 20 gauge steel body Prismatic lens is 3 16 thick pattern 12 minimum impact strength 130 foot pounds Full perimeter gasketing closed cell Neoprene between door frame and lens Tamper resistant holt head screws secure lens to housing 45 mitered corners body and door fram
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I IGHTOI IER Brisa Linear Curve Surface Mount FC21U Page 1 of 2 Wall Ceiling Mounted T5 Fluorescent ADA Compliant 1 1 2 38mm i04mml Fixture Ordering Informatien Catalog No Description Finish Wattage Volts Lamp FC21U Linear Curve Surface Mount Satin aluminum 21W 120 277V 1 T5 Diffuser Drdering Infermation Catalog No Description Finish Dimensions Nominal FCA2 Acrylic Curve Diffuser Opal 4 X 36 FCG2 Glass Curve Diff
11. Lightolier C4P20GA user manual

Calculite Evolution Incandescent Lensed Downlight C4P20GA Features 1 Glasslite One piece borosilicate glass with integral flange etched interior and white ceramic coated exterior Etched white cone finish emits a subtle glow Hinged and snaps onto lampholder assembly for easy tool less instal lation Interchangeable with other Evolution 4 1 2 line voltage trims Suitable for spas hot tubs and other wet environments 2 Lampholder Assembly Provides 360 horizontal
12. Lightolier Architectural Decorative 4A23 user manual

Page 1 of 2 Architectural Decorative 4A23 Pendalux Cirrus 23 Diameter Body 2 26 32 42 Triple Tube Complete Luminaire consists of Body and Suspension Order each separately Body Cat No Finish Lamps Options 4A23242APBU I I Polished Brass 2 26 Triple Tube Compact Fluorescent D2 26W 120V only 4A23242ASNU Satin Nickel or 2 32 Triple Tube Compact Fluorescent E3 347V or EM or 2 42 Triple Tube Compact Fluorescent Add suffix to cat no Sing
13. Lightolier Work Light C4T4GA-MHT4RS User Guide

Calculite HID Adjustable Accent C4T4GA MHT4RS Page 1 of 2 Spot Upper Reflector Ceiling Cutout 5 1 8 130mm Dia 4 1 2 Aperture T4 5 Ceramic Metal Halide Glasslite Spot 10 5823 11 1 4 697 For Complete Fixture Order Glasslite Trim Kit Spot Upper Reflector MHT4RS Frame In Kit Each Sold Separately Glasslite Trim Kit Spot Upper Reflector Frame In Kit Lamp C4T4GA MHT4RS Spot Upper Reflector C4A20T4E1 Electronic 120V 20W T4 5 Ceram
14. Lightolier SW STRIP user manual

STANDARD STRIP WIDE SW STRIP Page 1 of 2 4 1 8 WIDE x 1 7 8 DEEP x 24 36 48 72 96 LENGTHS 1 OR 2 LAMP T8 OR T12 Features Fixtures suitable for individual row surface or suspension mounting Efficiency 97 3 T8 Quarter turn latch secures channel cover for easy wireway access Heavy duty channel of code gauge die formed steel Fully enclosed wiring U L Listed snap on end caps Combination end cap for continuous row mounting
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LIGHTOLIER Calculite ColorWash C4X9LEDLW240 Page 1 of 2 4 1 2 X 9 1 8 Aperture LED Color Changing Matrix Wall Washer for Export Ordering Information Solid State Lightin g Unit Light Source Frame In Kit Line Voltage White Flange Polished Flange Finish C4X9LEDLWCLW C4X9LEDLWCLP Specular Clear C4X9CCLEDLW240 240 50Hz C4X9LEDLWCCLW C4X9LEDLWCCLP Comfort Clear RGBA LED Array C4X9LEDLWCCDW C4X9LEDLWCCDP Comfort Clear Diffuse Feat
16. Lightolier C4P30D user manual

Page 1 of 2 Calculite Evolution Incandescent Open Downlight C4P30D 4 1 2 Aperture PAR30 Reflector Trim Reflector Trim Frame In Kit C4P30D CCDW Comfort Clear Diffuse W hite Flange C4P30D CCDP Comfort Clear Diffuse Polished Flange C4P30D 1 1 Add suffix See options for other finishes CCD is the recommended finish Non IC Non IC AirSeal IC AirSeal Non IC Remodeler C4120 75W PAR30 Short Neck C4A120 75W PAR30 Short Neck C4AIC 75W PAR30 Shor
17. Lightolier Decorative Lumidisc 6752WH226U user manual

Decorative Lumidisc 6752WH226U 6752WH226U 3 15 16 Gloss White 2 26W Quad Tube 4 Pin Features 1 Diffuser Injection molded white translucent polycarbonate diffuser 2 Mounting Twist lock fastening system 3 Ceiling Pan 20 ga die formed aluminum 4 Lamps Compact Fluorescent by others 5 Auxiliary Mounting Holes For direct mounting to ceiling surface 6 Insulation 1 thick fiberglass 7 Keyhole Mounting Slots 4 For direct mounting to 3 or
18. Lightolier C6ALV user manual

Calculite Evolution Recessed Downlighting C6ALV Page 1 of 1 6 Aperture PAR36 Low Voltage Non IC AirSeal Frame In Kit 7 2 3 1 6 8 5 4 1 1 4 Max Ceiling Thk Ceiling Cutout 611 16 Dia Frame In Kit Reflector Trim C6ALV Adjustable Accent C6P36A 35W 75W PAR36 12V 25W PAR36 5 5V 35W 75WAR111 12V Features 1 Housing Steel 0 03 22 ga Top Cover Aluminum 0 04 14 ga Matte black finish AirSeal housing minimizes air leaka
19. Lightolier Indoor Furnishings 1052LV User Guide

Lytecaster Recessed Downlighting 1052LV Page 1 of 2 5 Aperture Low Voltage Pinhole Reflector Trim is 1052LV 1000LVR Remodeler Non IC Complete Fixture consists of Reflector Trim amp Frame In Kit Select each separately Reflector Trim Frame In Kit S See Individual Frame In Kit Specification Sheets Low Voltaqe Frame In Kit Installation Tvoe Lamoinq Fleiqht 1052LV 1000LV Non IC 42W 65WMR16 6 5 8 Matte White 1000LVR Non IC Remodeler
20. Lightolier IS:CTC user manual

Note This instruction sheet covers several luminaire styles Powerhead assembly lamp type and reflector style may vary slightly from that shown although installation is the same CANOPY INSTALLATION fig 1 1 Attach POWERHEAD ASSEMBLY to CANOPY using 8 32 SCREWS 2 Using appropriate slots in CROSSBAR secure CROSSBAR to outlet box using OUTLET BOX SCREWS provided with outlet box 3 Make electrical connections black POWERHEAD lead to hot black supply lead white POW

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