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zūmo® 300 Series
Quick Start Manual
May 2013 190-01457-01_0E Printed in Taiwan
Getting Started
See the Important Safety and Product Information guide in the
product box for product warnings and other important
Acquiring GPS Signals
To navigate with your device, you must acquire satellites. in
the status bar indicates the satellite signal strength. Acquiring
satellites can take several minutes.
1Turn on the device.
2Wait while the device locates satellites.
3If necessary, go outdoors to an open area, away from tall
buildings and trees.
Entering and Exiting Sleep Mode
You can use sleep mode to conserve battery power when your
device is not in use. While in sleep mode, your device uses very
little power and can wake instantly for use.
TIP: You can save power by putting the device in sleep mode
while charging the battery.
Press the power key À.
Turning Off the Device
1Hold the power key until a prompt appears on the screen.
The prompt appears after five seconds. If you release the
power key before the prompt appears, the device enters
sleep mode.
2Select Off.
Transportation Modes
Routing and navigation are calculated differently based on your
transportation mode. The current transportation mode is
indicated by an icon in the status bar.
Automobile mode
Motorcycle mode
Off-road mode
Choosing a Transportation Mode
Select .
Support and Updates
Garmin® Express provides easy access to these services for
your device.
Product registration
Software and map updates
Product manuals
Vehicles, voices, and other extras
Setting Up Garmin Express
1Plug the small end of the USB cable into the port on the
2Plug the larger end of the USB cable into an available USB
port on your computer.
3Go to
4Follow the on-screen instructions.
Adjusting the Screen Brightness
1Select Settings > Display > Brightness.
2Use the slider bar to adjust the brightness.
Adjusting the Volume
1Select Volume.
2Select an option:
Use the slider bar to adjust the volume.
Select to mute the device.
Select for additional options.
Finding a Location Using the Search Bar
You can use the search bar to search for locations by entering a
category, brand name, address, or city name.
1Select Where To?.
2Select Enter Search in the search bar.
3Enter all or part of the search term.
Suggested search terms appear below the search bar.
4Select an option:
To search for a type of business, enter a category name
(for example, "movie theaters").
To search for a business name, enter all or part of the
To search for an address near you, enter the street
number and street name.
To search for an address in another city, enter the street
number, street name, city, and state.
To search for a city, enter the city and state.
To search for coordinates, enter latitude and longitude
5Select an option:
To search using a suggested search term, select the
To search using the text you entered, select .
6If necessary, select a location.
Changing the Search Area
1From the main menu, select Where To?.
2Select Searching Near.
3Select an option.
Finding Recently Found Destinations
Your device stores the last 50 destinations you have found.
1Select Where To? > Recent.
2Select a location.
Finding Nearby Services
You can use the Where Am I? page to find nearby services,
such as fuel, hospitals or police stations.
1From the map, select the vehicle.
2Select a category.
Following Your Recent Track
The TracBack® feature records a track of your recent
movement. You can retrace your recent track back to where you
1Select Apps > TracBack.
Your recent track appears on the map.
2Select Go!.
Your Route on the Map
The speed limit feature is for information only and does not
replace your responsibility to abide by all posted speed limit
signs and to use safe driving judgment at all times. Garmin will
not be responsible for any traffic fines or citations you receive
for failing to follow all applicable traffic laws and signs.
The route is marked with a magenta line. A checkered flag
marks your destination.
As you travel, the device guides you to the destination with
voice prompts, arrows on the map, and directions at the top of
the map. If you depart from the original route, the device
recalculates the route and provides new directions.
A data field displaying the current speed limit may appear as
you travel on major roadways.
Using the Navigation Map
1From the main menu, select View Map.
2If the zoom controls are hidden, select the map to display the
zoom controls.
3Select the map.
4Select an option:
To zoom in or out, select or .
To rotate the map view, select .
To switch between North Up and 3-D views, select .
To add or remove map layers, select .
To view specific categories, select .
To center the map on your current location, select .
To view shortcuts for map and navigation features, select
Taking a Route Using Curvy Roads
Your device can calculate routes that prefer curvy roads. This
feature can provide a more enjoyable ride, but it may increase
the time or distance to your destination.
NOTE: This feature is not available on all device models.
1Select Settings > Navigation > Calculation Mode > Curvy
Roads > Save.
2Select Settings > Navigation > Avoidances > Highways to
avoid highways on your route (optional).
This can increase the use of curvy roads in routes but may
add substantial time or distance for longer routes.
3Start a route.
Adding a Point to a Route
Before you can add a point, you must be navigating a route.
1From the map, select > Where To?.
2Search for a location.
3Select a location.
4Select Go!.
5Select Add to Active Route.
Skipping a Point in Your Route
If you decide not to go to the next point in your route, you can
skip the point. This prevents the device from attempting to route
you back to the missed point. This feature is not available if the
next point is your final destination.
From the map, select > Skip Via.
Taking a Detour
While navigating a route, you can use detours to avoid
obstacles ahead of you, such as construction zones.
While navigating, select > Detour.
Hands-Free Features
You can connect your device to a wireless headset and listen to
navigation voice prompts through the headset. On some device
models, while connected to a headset, you can connect to a
mobile phone to make and receive calls using the device and
your headset.
Enabling Bluetooth Wireless Technology
1Select Settings > Bluetooth.
2Select Bluetooth.
Pairing a Wireless Headset
NOTE: Only one headset can be active at a time.
Before you can receive navigation prompts through your
headset, you must pair your device with a compatible mobile
1Place your headset and your Bluetooth® device within 33 ft.
(10 m) of each other.
2On your device, enable wireless technology.
3On your headset, enable Bluetooth wireless technology.
4Select Settings > Bluetooth > Scan for Devices.
A list of nearby Bluetooth devices appears.
5Select your headset from the list.
6Select OK.
Your device sends navigation prompts to your headset as you
navigate a route.
Pairing Your Phone
Before you can pair your device with a mobile phone, you must
pair and connect to a compatible wireless headset.
1Place your phone and your zūmo® device within 33 ft. (10 m)
of each other.
2On your zūmo device, select Settings > Bluetooth > Scan
for Devices.
3On your phone, enable Bluetooth wireless technology, and
set the phone to be discoverable.
4On your zūmo device, select OK.
A list of nearby Bluetooth devices appears.
5Select your phone from the list, and select OK.
6Follow the on-screen instructions on your phone and your
zūmo device.
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