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Record Model No. and Serial No. of this dehumidifier in space provided below. These numbers are
printed on the nameplate located behind the bucket.
Model No.
Serial No.
IMPORTANT: Keep a copy of your bill of sale. The date on the bill establishes the warranty period
should service be required. If service is performed, it is in your best interest to obtain and keep all
Register Your Product
The self-addressed PRODUCT REGISTRATION CARD should be filled in completely, signed, and
returned to the Frigidaire Company.
3 Important Safety Instructions
3 Location
3 How It Works
4Operating Steps
4-5 Dehumidifier Features
5-6 Removing Collected Water
6 Care and Cleaning
7 Avoid Service Checklist
Operate dehumidifier only as instructed in this Owner's Guide. These instructions are not meant to
cover every possible condition and situation that may occur. Common sense and caution must he
used when installing, operating, and maintaining any appliance.
P/N 327000009 (0011)
Ycur is Izmotectedky t_his mranty
FULL ONE-YEAR One year from origh_a] Pay all costs for repairing or replacing parts of this For service without charge during this period, you
CARRY4N _urchase date appEance which prove to be defective in materials or must carry in your p_oduct to the nearest Frigidaire
WARRANTY workmansl7ip Company Consumer Services or an authorized
servicer Costs of service caIB that are listed under
LIMITED 2ND- STH Second throughfifthyears Repair or _eplace any pars in the Sealed Refrigerator7 Diagnostic costs and any removal, transportation
YEARWABRANTY from original pur, hase System (compressor, co_7densm_ evaporator and tubi_7g) andreinstallationcostswhicharerequiredbecause
{Sealed System) date which proves to be defective in materials or workmanship of service Costs for labor, parts and transportation
other than with respect to the Sealed Refrigeration
LIMITED Time periods listed above All of the proviJo_7s of the full m7d limited warranties above Costs of the tecb7ician's travel to the home and
WARRANTY and the exdusio_qslisted below applZ any costs for pick up and delivery of the appliance
(Applicable to the required because of service
State of Alaska)
Your appliance is warranted by Frigidaire Company, a division of White Consolidated Industries, inc We authorize no person to change or add to
any of our obligations under this warranty Our obligations for sew<e and parts under this warranty must be performed by Frigidaire Company
Consumer Services or an authorized Frigidaire Company sew<er
This warranty applies only to products in ordinary household use, and the consumer is responsible for the
items listed below.
1 Proper use of the appliance in accordance with instructions provided with the producL
2 Proper installation by an authorized servicer in accordance with instructions provided with the appliance and in accordance
with all local plumbing, electrical and/or gas codes
3 Proper connection to a grounded power supply of suffident voltage, replacement of blown fuses, repair of loose connections
or defects in house wiring
4 Expenses for making the appliance accessible for servicing, such as removal of trim, cupbomds, shelves, etc, which are not a
part of the appliance when it was shipped from the factory
5 Damages to finish after installation
6 Replacement of light bulbs and/or fluorescent tubes (on models with these features)
EXCLUSIONS This warranty does not cover the following:
Note: Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of Incidental or consequential damages, so this limkadon or
exclusion may not apply to you
2 Service calls which do not involve malfunction or defects in workmanship or material, or for appliances not in o_dinary
household use The consumer shall pay for such service calls
3 Damages caused by sewices performed by persons other than authorized Frigidaire Company servicers; use of parts other than
Frigidaire Company Genuine Renewal Parts; obtained flora persons other than such sewicers; or external causes such as abuse,
misuse, inadequate power supply or acts of God
4 Products with original serial numbers that have been removed or altered and cannot be readily determined
gives you specific legal rights You may also have other rights that vary from state to state Service under this warranty must be
obtained by following these steps, in order:
1 Contact Frigidaire Company Consumer Sew<es or an authorized Frigidaire sewicer
2 If there Esa question as to where to obtain service, contact the Frigidaire Consumer Relations Department at:
Frigidaire Company
PO Box212378
Augusta, GA 30917
(800) 444-4944 IlFRIGIDAIRE
Product features or specifications as described or illustrated are subject to change without notice All warranties are
made by White Consolidated Industries, Inc This warranty applies only in the 50 states of the USA. and Puerto Rico.
Important Safety
Avoid fire hazard or
electric shock. Do not use an extension
cord or an adaptor plug. Do not remove
grounding prong from power cord.
Grounding type
wall receptacle
Power supply
cord with 3-pron{+
gmunding plug
Read all instructions before using this dehumidifier. To reduce the risk of fire,
electric shock, or injury to persons when using your dehumidifier, follow basic
precautions, including the following:
For Your Safety
Do not store or use gasolineor other flammable vaporsand liquids in the vicinity of
this or any other appliance,Readproduct labelsfor flammability and other warnings,
Child Safety Precautions
Destroy the carton, plastic bags, and any packing materials immediately after the
dehumidifier is unpacked. Children should never use these items for play.
Do not leave children unattended in an area where the appliance is operating.
Do not allow them to sit or stand on the appliance.
Electrical Information
For your safety and protection, this dehumidifier is equipped with a three-prong
grounding plug on the power cord. Do not, under any circumstances, cut or
remove the round ground prong from the plug.
Your dehumidifier must be plugged di_ctly into a properly grounded and
polarized three-prong receptacle. If the wall receptacle you intend to use will not
accept a three-prong plug, or if you are not sure the outlet is adequately
grounded or protected by a time delay fuse or circuit breaker, have a qualified
electrician install the proper outlet according to the National Electrical Code and
applicable local codes and ordinances. Do not use an extension cord or an
adapter plug.
Never unplug the dehumidifier by pulling on the power cord. Always grip the
plug firmly and pull straight out from the receptacle.
Do not pinch, bend, or knot the power cord.
Location Selecting a Location
1. Dehumidifier must be operated in an enclosed area to be most effective.
Close all doors, windows, and other outside openings to the room. The
effectiveness of the dehumidifier depends on the rate at which new
moisture-laden air enters room.
2. Placedehumidifier in a location that does not restrict airflow through the
front of the unit or out of the louvers on the left side of cabinet.
3. A dehumidifier operating in a basement will have little or no effect in
drying an adjacent enclosed storage area, such as a closet, unless there
is adequate circulation of air in and out of the area. It may be necessary
to install a second dehumidifier in the enclosed area for satisfactory
How It Works When the unit is started, the fan begins to pull moisture-laden air across the
dehumidifying coils. The coils condense or draw moisture from the air, and air flows
through the side louvers into the room as dry, warm ale Moisture removed from air
is collected in a bucket on the front of the dehumidifier.
© 1996 White Consolidated Industries, Inc.
All rights reserved.
Operating Steps The bucket has a hose/drain connection. The dehumidifier should be kept in
operation as long as excess moisture is present in the room air.
To begin operating the dehumidifier, follow these steps:
1. Plug the power cord into a properly grounded 110/120 volt AC outlet.
Note; Before operating this unit, see the "Removing Collected Water" section
for proper placement of the bucket. Model will not operate if the bucket is not
properly positioned in the unit.
2. When first using the dehumidifier, turn the Humidistat Control clockwise to the
MAX.DRY position. The unit will run continuously at this setting.
3. Press the Fan Speed Button to HI. The HI setting is recommended for faster
moisture removal.
4. Allow the dehumidifier to operate at the above settings for three to four days.
After this time, adjust the controls as needed. See below.
Dehumidifier Features
Humidistat Control
The Humidistat Control automatically starts dehumidifier when humidity is
excessive. When humidity has been reduced to the comfort level set on the control,
the unit turns off.
When first using dehumidifier, turn Humidistat Control clockwise to MAX.DRY. Unit
will run continuously at this setting. Operate dehumidifier at the MAX.DRY setting
for three to four days. During this time, observe the dampness conditions in the
area being dried. When the sweating has stopped and the dampness odors are
gone, adjust Humidistat Control to the position between OFF and MAX.DRY that
provides a "dryness" condition suitable to your needs!comfort.
Fan Speeds
The FanSpeedadjusts fan speed.When humidity has been reduced to the desired
level and quiet operation is preferred, pressFan Speedto LO.
Moisture Removal
At first, the dehumidifier will remove large amounts of moisture. It will continue to
do so until the relative humidity is reduced to a point where moisture damage will
not occur. Then, the amount of moisture removed from the air will be alot less. This
indicates the dehumidifier is operating effectively and is maintaining the relative
humidity at the desired level, Judge the performance of the dehumidifier by the
elimination of dampness and dampness odors, not by the amount of water being
deposited in the bucket. When bucket has filled with water, unit will turn off. All
models feature an Automatic Shut-Off light that will glow until bucket is emptied
and returned to the proper position.
Operating Conditions
All models will operate if the room teperature is greater than 65°F (18°C). Models with
a moisture removal capacity greater than 40 pints per 24 hours will operate satisfactorily
at a temperature no lower than 50°F (10°C). If conditions less than those stated or the
humidity is low the dehumidifier should be turned off. See "Frost Control".
Dehumidifier Features
Operating Conditions (Continued)
A dehumidifier will not eliminate frost on windows during winter. The dehumidifying coil
normally operates above freezing temperatures and cannot prevent moisture from
condensing on the inside of a window pane that is below freezing.
TiP: It may be helpful to use a dehumidifier in the kitchen or laundry area where
the humidity is high. Reducing humidity in these areas may reduce frost on
windows in other parts of the home.
Frost Control
The Frost Control feature prevents frost or ice from remaining on the dehumidifying
coil for an extended period of time. When frost formation occurs, this control turns
off the compressor. The fan continues to run, causing any frost or ice to melt.
Dehumidifier will then resume normal operation.
Frost Control is also designed to prevent excessive on-off cycling, Under certain
conditions this may allow frost to remain on coil for some time before the
compressor turns off and the frost is cleared.
Removing Collected
Figure 1
Bucket and Float Installation
All models are supplied with a bucket, which is conveniently tucked into the front
of the unit to accumulate water removed from the air, or use the built-in hose
connection to carry water directly to a drain.
When using the bucket the Automatic Shut-Off switch is activated by a float. The
Automatic Shut-Off switch stops the unit before the bucket overflows, and turns
the unit on again after the bucket is emptied and replaced.
The bucket and float must be installed correctly for proper operation (Figure 1).
Bucket Removal 1. Grasp bucket from both sides at the bottom, gently lift up and slide halfway out
until handle is exposed. See Figure 2.
2. Grab handle and slide bucket away from unit. See Figure 3.
3. After emptying the collected water, slide bucket back into place.
4. Be sure bucket is in place.
Figure 2 Figure 3
Direct Draining
Figure 4
Direct Draining
If you want the water to flow directly to a drain, you must first remove the hose cap
(Figure 2). To remove hose cap, use a standard screwdriver and turn counter-
clockwise. Connect any standard garden hose to the bucket connection, or
place the dehumidifier over the drain. A standard garden hose has a 3/4"
(19 mm) diameter connection with 1lq/4_ inch threads per inch.
Note; When using either of the above direct draining methods, you must first drill
a 3/8" (10 mm) hole in the center of the bucket connection. (For ease of drilling use
locating mark to center drill bit for hole (Figure 3).) This will allow water to flow
freely through the connection. To reseal the hose connection to the bucket, use any
standard hose end cap. The hose cap cannot be used to reseal the hole.
Figure 5
Care and Cleaning Proper Care
Before cleaning, be sure to turn off and unplug unit.
1. Dust outer cabinet with an oil-free cloth, or wash with warm water.
2. Use a vacuum cleaner and brush attachment to clean grill.
Note: Fan motor has been permanently lubricated at the factory.
Air passing through dehumidifier may carry quantities of dust, lint and fungus
spores. Much of this matter will be deposited on the coil and then flushed away
by natural drainage.
Avoid Service Checklist ,st includes common occurrences that are not the result of defective workman-
ship or materials in this appliance.
Plug is disconnected from outlet. Push plug firmly into wall outlet
House fuse blown o_ circuit breaker tripped. Replace fuse with time delay type or reset circuit
The dryness level you selected has been reached Dehumidifier automatically shuts off when
selected amount of moisture has been removed from the ain If you want to remove more
moisture, turn the Humidistat Control to MAX.DRY. After the dehumidifie_ starts, reset the
control to the desired setting
Bucket not installed properly See "Removing Collected Water:"
Water in the bucket has reached its preset level. Dehumidifie_ automatically turns off when this
occurs. Empty bucket and return bucket to position.
Dehumidifier is not turned on Turn the Humidistat Control to MAX.DRY.
DEHUMIDIFIER BUNS TOO MUCH. Windows or doo_s near dehumidifier are open to outdoors Close all windows or doo_s to outside
Area to be dehumidified is too large Check with your deale_ to see if capacity is adequate.
Air movement through dehumidifier is blocked Grill may be dirty Use brush attachment of
vacuum cleaner to clean grill. See "Care and Cleaning" Dehumidifier must be placed in a space
that does not restrict ai_ flowing into the rear coil o_ out of the front grill
Dehumidifier has been installed or restarted recently. The higher the moistuire in the room, the
longer the dehumidifier will operate
Humidistat Control is set at MAX.DRY. Dehumidifier will not turn off if Humidistat Control
is at MAX DRY
ROOM IS NOT DRY ENOUGH, Humidistat Control is set too low. Turn the Humidistat Control to a higher setting
Dehumidifier has been installed or restarted recently. The highe_ the moisture in the room air, the
longer it takes for the _oom air to become dry
Dehumidifier does not have sufficient clearance to operate Air flow to front grill is blocked. See
"Selecting a Location."
Room temperature is too low Unit will not operate satisfactorily if the room temperature is below
65°F (18°C). See "Operating Conditions"
Refe_ to causes under DEHUMIDIFIER RUNS TOO MUCH
BUCKET OR DRIP TRAY. Dehumidifier has been turned on recently This is normal due to _efdgerant rushing through the
coil Frost will usually disappear within 60 minutes.
Room Temperature is too low. All models will operate satisfactorily at temperatures greate_ than
65 ° F (18°C) Models with a moisture removal greater than 40 pints per 24 hours will operate
satisfactorily at a temperature no Iowe_ than 50°F (10°C) See "Operating Conditions"
NOISE IS UKE A FAN, Ai_ is moving through the dehumidifien This is a normal sound
M_ndacturerCe_ifi_ [oASSOCIATION
When the actual seal is affixed to a dehumidifier and the water removal capacity rating for
that dehumidifier appears in the AHAM Certification Directory, it signifies that the rating
is certified by Frigidaire Company and verified by the Association of Home Appliance
Manufacturers as complying with American National Standard B149.1.

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