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HOOK2 4x Sonar | Quick Guide - EN
HOOK Quick Guide
4x Sonar models
Front controls
1Pages Press to toggle between the sonar and the
asher page.
in/out Press to zoom the sonar image.
3Arrows In menus and dialogs: press the up/down arrows
to highlight an option.
4Exit (X) Press to return to previous menu level and to
exit a dialog.
With no menu or dialog active: press to display
the menu.
In menus and dialogs: press to conrm a
6Fish Press to toggle between sh ID and traditional
sonar echoes.
7Power Press to display the System Controls dialog.
Press and hold to power the unit on/o.
System Controls dialog
Option ON
Option OFF
Display illumination
Set brightness and select day/night mode from the System Controls dialog
Repeat short presses on the Power key to cycle the backlight brightness
2 | HOOK2 4x Sonar | Quick Guide - EN
Toggle between the Sonar and the
Flasher pages by pressing the Pages
Zoom the sonar image by using the
Zoom keys
By default the unit is set to Auto mode, and all settings are automated.
Change to Custom mode to allow for customizing the settings.
Overlay data
By default, 3 data items are displayed on the image. The data items are
predened (depth, temperature and voltage), and the position is xed.
The data items can be turned on/o from the System Controls dialog.
Each data item can be removed individually from the image:
1. Select the Edit overlay option in the System Controls dialog to turn
the unit into edit mode
2. Press the Menu/Enter key to display edit options
3. Press the X key to leave edit mode
Settings dialogs
Used for system conguration.
Product manuals
For the full Operator manual, technical specications and declarations refer to the
product website: www.lowrance.com.

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