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1. Tiger Games 67785 User Guide

m 611020001IWTI 01 INSTRUCTION IT S A FUN TIME GAME Your game cabinet is shaped just like Scooby Doo In addition to the play buttons you can play with Scooby Doo s FRONT AND BACK LEGS When you rotate the front legs of the Scooby Doo game his head will move left and right and his mouth will open You also use the front legs of the game to steer the on screen Scooby Doo left and right When you spin the back legs Scooby Doo will run faster In addition to the great video game you can also play with Scooby Doo in toy mode THE TOY MODE Toy mode lets you play with your Scooby Doo as a great toy without playing the video game To play in the toy mode just be sure you have turned the unit OFF Press the SOUND button when the unit is OFF to enter th

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Wake up your brain and untie your tongue That s how you get yourself ready to play Tug of Wor INSTRUCTION QUICK PLAy You are a whiz with words right And you don t need a lot of instructions right Then follow the directions below to get off to a quick start and a quick Tug of Words In Tug of Words teams take turns completing compound words or two word phrases Complete your phrase before time runs out then press your paddle and send the word back to the other team Move the on off switch to the Came slot you wish to play Press start to begin play CAME 1 Tug of Words picks Tug of Words will provide the word to play and teams respond with a two word phrase or compound word that uses the word in play The lights keep time always descending towar
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Tiger i7320 S5350 User s Manual T AH Tiger i7320 S5350 Revision 1 00 Copyright TYAN Computer Corporation 2004 All rights reserved No part of this manual may be reproduced or translated without prior written consent from TYAN Computer Corp All registered and unregistered trademarks and company names contained in this manual are property of their respective owners including but not limited to the following TYAN Tiger i7320 S5350 are trademarks of TYAN Computer Corporation Intel Nocona and combinations thereof are trademarks of Intel Corporation Phoenix PhoenixBIOS are trademarks of Phoenix Technologies Ltd Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation IBM PC AT and PS 2 are trademarks of IBM Corporation Adaptec is
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Tiger A series T8 LED Tube Installation Guide General Lighting Fixture Operating Input Voltage 220 240 Vac 50 60Hz Power Factor gt 0 9 2500K 3500K Warm White 3500K 4500K Cool White 6000K 7000K Daylight Color Temperature Type Of LED SSL Class Low Power 3020 LEDs Operating Temperature 0to 40 C Storage Temperature 40 to 80 C Operating Humidity gt 90 RH Cap Base G13 Tube Dimensions c 7 LL B Model Tube Length Dim A Max Dim B Dim C A0600 600mm 3FT 589mm 603mm 27mm A1200 1200mm 4FT 1199mm 1213mm 27mm A1500 1500mm 5FT 1500mm 1514mm 27mm General notes before installation E Turn power off before installing the tube carefully accordin
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DEAR DIARY SNAPSHOT ORGANIZER THE DIGITAL PHOTO ALBUM AND ORGANIZER ALL IN ONE Contents Getting Your Dear Diary SnapShot Organizer Ready to Use 2 Opening Your Dear Diary SnapShot Organizer 5 Getting Familiar with Your Dear Diary 6 Icons You Should Know 9 Appointment Scheduler 12 Calculator 15 Phone Book 16 Stuff 22 Things To Do 24 Password 27 Clock 30 Save 34 Stamp 36 Paint Brush 39 Snapshots 42 Stretched Image 49 Split Image 53 Flipped Image 56 Cautions 58 90 Day Limited Warranty 59 l GETTING YOUR DEAR DIARY SNAPSHOT ORGANIZER READY TO USE INSERTING THE BATTERIES Inserting Main Batteries 1 With the organizer turned off remove the battery compartment door on the back of the unit by sliding the door in the direction of
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ISRC10202 Rev C HAYWARD TigerShark SERIES by HAYWARD Owner s Manual ROBOTIC POOL CLEANER Models TigerShark TigerShark QC TigerShark Plus TigerShark2 TigerShark2 Plus IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Basic safety precautions should always be followed including the following Failure to follow instructions can cause Severe injury and or death This is the safety alert symbol When you see this symbol on your equipment or in this manual look for one of the following signal words and be alert to the potential for personal injury WARNING warns about hazards that could cause serious personal injury death or major property damage and if ignored presents a potential hazard CAUTION warns about hazards that will or can cause minor or moderate per
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V i MODEL 88 303 883030001IWTI 01 wnfRT j j _ EPrS E E I Destroyer Droid Room Alarm INSTRUCTION Destroyer droids are elite units of the Trade Federation s army These highly engineered soldiers excel in a variety of combat situations Also called wheel droids they are rapidly moving armored wheels that unfold into powerful three legged weapon platforms Now you can unleash the power of a destroyer droid to protect your room and valuables from unwanted intruders Destroyer droids stand sentry in their closed wheel position guarding against unwanted intruders When an intruder is detected the destroyer droids spring open to the attack position and the alarm is sounded l GETTING STARTED 2 BATTERY INSTALLATION CAUTION Batte
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CPBW R S MmM Turf Tiger Models sni52V 2XM Sm6 V 27DH Sm6 V 27KA Sm6 V 29DH SS Sm6 V 35B SS STT 29DH SS STT 35BV SS Congratulations on owning a Scag mower This manual containsthe operating instnjctionsand safety information foryourScag mower Reading this manual can provide you with assistance in maintenance and adjustment pnoceduresto keep your mower performing to maximum efficiency The specific models that thisbookcoversare listed on the inside cover Before operating yourmachine please read aII the infonmation enclosed 2008 Scag Power Equipment Division of MetaIcraft of Mayville Inc PARING 03221 Rev 1 PRINTED 4 2008 PRINTED IN USA A WARNING FAILURE TO FOLLOW SAFE OPERATING PRACTICES MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DE
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ELECTRONICS Micro Boombox with FM Radio Cartridge Instruction item no 59944 Playing a HitClips 1 Slide HitClip Single into Boombox 2 Press the Play button to start and stop music 3 Push the Reset button to start at the bottom of the dial 4 Press the Scan button to electronically scan for the strongest FM radio stations Push Press the Reset button to return to the bottom of the dial Battery lacement 1 your Rockin Micro Boombox comes with batteries already installed 2 Per diagram unscrew battery door lock 3 Remove exhausted batteries and dispose of 4 Insert 3 new AAA LR03 batteries 5 Replace batteries door and tighten screw TO Do not mix old and new batteries Do not mix alkaline standard
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E amp eriger Wild instinct of Technology ES S6A Sir ne d int rieur www etiger com FR Caract ristiques La ES S6A peut tre utilisee comme une sir ne additionnelle connect e a votre syst me d alarme ou comme sir ne autonome connect e un d tecteur et ou une t l commande Connexion sans fil pour une installation simplifi e S curit radio fr quence des accessoires plus d un million de combinaisons de codes Connexion aux accessoires simplifi e Compatible avec tous les accessoires eTiger Secual Batteries 4 2V 600 mAh au lithium int gr es 8 h d autonomie en veille Dans la bo te 1x ES S6A 1x Manuel d utilisateur Design Alimentation Connexion Informations g n rales La ES S6A e
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ILUBTmfBD PARTS MANLM Model SITD esel Turf Tiger THIS MANUAL CONTAINS THE ILLUSTRATED PARTS LIST FOR MODELS STT61V 28CAT SS STT61V 25KBD SS STT 28CAT SS SMT 72V with a serial with a serial with a serial with a serial number of number of number of number of to E2099999 to E3899999 to E2199999 to E2399999 E2000001 E3800001 E2100001 E2300001 2008 Scag Power Equipment Division of MetaIcraft of Mayville Inc Part No 06200 Printed 9 08 Printed in USA Table of Contents Table of Contents 61V amp 72V CUTTER DECK 2 CUTTER DECK CONTROLS 4 SHEET METAL COMPONENTS 6 SSTT ROLL OVER PROTECTION SYSTEM WITH SUSPENSION SEAT 8 DECK DRIVE COMPONENTS 10 ENGINE amp ATTACHING PARTS CAT DIESEL 12 RADIATOR amp

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