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1. Zanussi 730537 user manual

RANGE COMPOSITION Zanussi Professional offers a range of ice making machines specially designed to produce ice cubes All the models whilst having a compact size offer excellent performance and maximum efficiency The range has been specifically designed for use in bars restaurants hotels and discos and can also be used in medical facilities 730523 24 28 KG FUNCTIONAL AND CONSTRUCTION FEATURES All models are available in air cooled or water cooled versions The ice making method spray layering guarantees compact hygienically pure ice cubes that are resistant to melting R404a refrigerant Reliability is guaranteed by the quality of the construction materials used plastic flap on the front top and sides in stainl

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c 9 C 9 ISI Ph o H pH lt w 0 i Ph tS3 u QJ 2 w HH P4 Ph GO LO LO ISI SI o o C J _o Q_ X 2 i o 0 LU R the Electrolux Group The world s No 7 choice The Electrolux Group is the world s largest producer of powered appliances for kitchen cleaning and outdoor use More than 55 million Electrolux Group products such as refrigerators cookers washing machines vacuum cleaners chain saws and lawn mowers are sold each year to a value of approx USD 74 billion in more than 150 countries around the world 2222 039 68 D 3 gt c 3 I 2 r E o CO o E 0 5 E o 0 CD 8 g M 0 E sfc g S y T3 o O O O 0 0 c 0
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ZHNUSSI WASHINGMACHINE ZJ 1217 132996160 INSTRUCTION BOOKLET A Important Safety Information It is most important that this instruction book should be retained with the appliance for future reference Should the appliance be sold or transferred to another owner or should you move house and leave the appliance alvrays ensure that the book is supplied with the appliance in order that the new owner can get to know the functioning of the appliance and the relevant v arnings These warnings have been provided in the interest of safety You MUST read them carefully before installing or using the appliance Installation This appliance is heavy Care should be taken when moving it It is dangerous to alter the specifications or attempt to modify thi
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RANGE COMPOSITION A range of wall mounted hoods guaranteeing a rational and versatile solution to extraction problems over most cooking appliances The sloped front gives them a neat appearance while taking up less space making them particularly suitable for small kitchens The range consists of hoods with 8 different lengths 1200 1600 2000 2400 2800 3200 3600 and 4000 mm and 1100 mm deep BLOCK B line 1100 mm 304 AISI WALL TYPE HOODS K I PROFESSIONAL FUNCTIONAL AND CONSTRUCTION FEATURES Constructed entirely in 304 AISI stainless steel Labyrinth filters in 304 AISI stainless steel easily removable for cleaning Labyrinth filters guarantee constant filtration to avoid clogging and protect against fire Perimetral gutter w
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RANGE COMPOSITION A range of hoods exploiting the inductive emission principle Untreated air is introduced inside to partly compensate for that removed This results in better drawing of fumes towards the filter surface and reduced air treatment costs The range consists of hoods with 7 different lengths 1600 2000 2400 2800 3200 3600 and 4000 mm and 1800 mm deep SUPERTREDIL S line 1800mm 304 AISI CENTRAL HOODS ZANUSSI PROFESSIONAL FUNCTIONAL AND CONSTRUCTION FEATURES Constructed entirely in 304 AISI stainless steel Two separate air circuits extraction and intake to reduce the quantity of treated air released in the environment Rear exhaust with filters and front air intake through a narrow slot sized to obtain th
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INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE USE amp CARE OF YOUR ZANUSSI COMBINATION OVEN MCE975 ZANUSSI USE amp CARE MANUAL CONTENTS PAGE Guidelines for use 2 4 Installation instructions 4 5 Care and cleaning 6 7 Specifications 7 General instructions 8 Guide to the touch control panel 10 11 The clock 12 Minute timer setting 13 Microwave cooking 14 To cook using variable microwave power 15 16 Fan oven cooking guidelines 16 Operation for fan oven cooking 17 Operation for fan oven followed by microwave cooking 18 Combination cooking guidelines 19 Operation for combination cooking 20 21 Preheating guidelines 21 22 To preheat and cook by fan oven or combination cooking 22 23 Grilling guidelines 24 To combine grill and microwave
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ZflNUSSI HI Electrolux r r j _ v a r r j _ v Model ZKG5020 The following symbols are used in this user manual WARNING Important information concerning your personal safety and information on how to avoid damaging the appliance IMPORTANT General information and tips cw Environmental information Contents Important safety instructions 3 Oven cookinq chart 19 Product description 5 Roasting chart 17 Controls and their functions 5 Slow cook 18 Before first use 6 Food preparation slow cooking 19 Grill and oven furniture 7 Care and cleaning 20 The hob 8 Troubleshootinq 24 The qrill 10 Technical data 25 Grillinq chart 12 Installation instr
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ZMUSSI DISHWASHER D E 4744 P Oooo amp oJ 152977 36 2 INSTRUCTION BOOK UK Contents For the user Important safety information 3 Description of the appliance 4 The control panel 5 Before use 6 Setting the water softener 6 Rinse aid 9 Using your appliance 10 Loading your appliance 10 Adjusting the height of the upper basket 12 Use of detergent 13 Hints and tips 14 Washing programmes 15 Operating sequence 16 Maintenance and cleaning 18 Internal cleaning 18 Cleaning the filters 18 External cleaning 19 Prolonged periods of non operation 19 Frost precautions 19 Moving the machine 19 Something not working 20 Protection against flooding 21 Hints for test centres 22 Technical specifications 2
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RANGE COMPOSITION The range consists of 25 models of refrigerated tables with a capacity varying from 265 to 560 litres that offer excellent standards in terms of performance and efficiency These models are available with built in or remote refrigerating unit and with variuos combinations of doors and drawers The models detailed on this sheet are refrigerated tables with a capacity of 560 litres and with built in refrigerating unit 560 LT REFRIGERATED TABLES I I PROFESSIONAL FUNCTIONAL AND CONSTRUCTION FEATURES Internal and external doors front and side panels and removable worktop in 304 AISI stainless steel excluding model RCSN4M44 External back in galvanized steel The removable top is made in 304 AISI and is 50 mm in thicknes
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RANGE COMPOSITION The Zanussi Dishwashing range is produced for customers with the highest conceivable demands in efficiency economy and ergonomics dishwashing operation The product range comprises glasswashers undercounter dishwashers hood type dishwashers rack type dishwashers and pot and pan washers The Air Drying Tunnel shown on this sheet complete the rack type dishwashing range AIR DRYING TUNNEL for RTCS RACK TYPE DISHWASHERS ZANUSSI PROFESSIONAL FUNCTIONAL AND CONSTRUCTION FEATURES It is designed to be placed on any Zanussi compact rack type dishwasher RTCS The air drying tunnel is available in two versions 900mm for machines faster than 165 rack hour and 600mm suited for machines slower than 165 rack hour T
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ZANUSSI B Electrolux FRIDGE FREEZER ZNB 323 W ZNB 323 S INSTRUCTION BOOK This instruction book contains safety precautions information on use and heipfui hints and tips To ensure you use this appiiance effectiveiy and safeiy piease read this instruction book carefuiiy before instaiiing or using this appiiance and retain for future reference The symbols below help you to find things more easily Safety precautions Warnings and Safety information CD Hints usefui information A Environmentai information H The symboi on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product may not be treated as househoid waste Instead it shouid be handed over to the appropriate coiiection point for the recyciing of eiectricai and eiectronic equipment

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